Toll House

Our History

  • February 1988

    Tollhouse is a name that has been synonymous to good food and family recipes prepared with love since February 1988
  • October 23, 2013

    On October 23, 2013, Tollhouse opened an 85 square meter branch in Marquee Mall. Much to the sisters’ surprise, the branch was well received by its customers. As demand grew, the restaurant moved to a bigger space in the mall 2 years later.
  • 2016

    In 2016, Tollhouse opened 2 new restaurants, one in Newpoint Mall at the Nepo Center and the other in SM City Clark. Among the popular menu items are Baked Macaroni, Lasagna, Clubhouse Sandwich, Combination BBQ, Carbonara, Palabok, Halo-halo, Seafood Supreme, Lengua and Thai fried rice. Aside from these, Tollhouse is well known for its cakes, pastries and desserts like Black Forest, Pistachio Cake, Lola Nene’s Chocolate Cake, Sans Rival, White Chocolate and many more. When asked of the secret of their success ,the Concepcion Sisters would simply say it is “love and passion”. “We treat our employees like family and we teach them to serve our customers as if they are their family.”

Toll House Specialties

The Baked Macaroni made Tollhouse a famous homegrown brand in Pampanga. It is composed of an “all beef” sweet tomato based meat sauce cooked with our own secret mix of spices (with no extenders). It is then baked with long macaroni noodles topped with our very own Tollhouse cheese sauce topping. Freshly baked upon every order that is why it arrives smoking hot at your table. Each bite brings the comfort of being home!

The Tropical Chicken is another favorite at our restaurant. It has fresh slices of chicken cooked in a special mushroom sauce, carrots and corn kernels then topped and baked with mashed potatoes. A dish handmade with love!

The Combination BBQ is served without any skewers! ... to make eating it kid ( and the kid at heart) –friendly. It is a combination of beef, pork & chicken in an original marinade recipe. It served with sliced of carrots, rice and a side dish of our own macaroni salad.

The Seafood Supreme is a combination of fish, squid and shrimps that are sauteed in a white cream sauce. Cooked to a succulent and tender perfection. Served with rice and our house macaroni salad.

The Tollhouse Tak-de (means Brazo in Kapampangan) is a classic Brazo de Mercedez. This is a heritage recipe back when there were no electric mixers. But,of course, modern times have enabled us to produce more of this sweet delicacy. We just made sure that we preserved its original texture of moist chewiness (kunyat). Its custard filling is made from real eggyolks simmered until thick.

Lola Nene’s Chocolate Cake is a homegrown recipe. It is made from scratch with quality cocoa powder. Its icing is simmered for 7 hours to achieve it moist consistency.

The Lasagna is made up of flat noodles lovingly handmade everyday. Its beef sauce is cooked with a special combination of spices. Baked and smoothered with Tollhouse’ special cheese topping.

The Thai Fried Rice is sauteed with our own bagoong recipe. It is topped with fresh slices of green mango, scrambled egg and Tollhouse Pork BBQ.

The Lengua is made from the ox-tongue simmered until tender with a rich & creamy mushroom sauce.

The Lechon Kawali are tender slices of crisp pork with a sweet liver sauce. A popular comfort food in the restaurant.

The Pistachio Cake is composed of layers of chocolate cake and covered with a pistachio and cherry icing.